8 Best Spots For Taking Photos in Vietnam During Winter

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Vietnam is the country that houses a variety of ideal destinations for photography enthusiasts. Especially, in the winter, when everything seems to be slower and the cold embraces every corner of this beautiful country. This might invigorate young people even more to record the best moments in this season. It’s definitely not just the Vietnamese foods that gave Vietnam fame. So today, we’ll take a deeper look at where you can take photos in Vietnam during the winter season!

This is a guest post written by Emily from Vina, a travel blog specializes in Vietnam travel guides and tips. 

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Sapa is a hot spot in the winter for Vietnamese people. Because Vietnam is a tropical country, the place where snow falls always makes people excited and wait year-round.

Sapa owns the unique glory and it is even more impressive in the snow-white season. In particular, in Sapa, the French spirit always exists in the architectural beauty of the works, so you will feel like you are in Europe.

Sapa in Winter Vietnam

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Thung Khe Pass, Hoa Binh

Coming to Thung Khe Pass, also known as Da Trang Pass, visitors will be impressed by the extremely majestic and beautiful natural scenery with the soft, winding path covered by the fresh green of trees and grass.

One of the typical beauty features of Thung Khe Pass is the thick fog surrounding the pass, making people feel like they are lost in the wonderland.

If in the spring, Thung Khe is replaced by a new scene at the foot of the pass, then in the winter, this place becomes captivated by the cool air of the Northwest and the drizzle. This certainly brings you magnificent photos.

Thung Khe Pass Hoa Binh Winter Vietnam

Moc Chau

When the winter comes, Moc Chau plateau is covered with mist. This is also the blooming season of wildflowers, wild sunflowers, buckwheat, poinsettia, and plum blossoms. Each flower has its own beauty.

Tourists often visit Moc Chau in winter to feel the cold, watch the flowers blooming in the morning dew, and enjoy the dreamlike landscape. Winter is also the wedding season.

At this time, around Moc Chau, couples come to take photos, everyone wants to have a beautiful wedding photo set on the great day of their lives.

The yellow hedges of wild sunflowers mingled with the red of the poinsettia, and the white of plum blossoms in the mist create a picturesque setting, bring visitors chances to take beautiful and unforgettable pictures.

Moc Chau in Winter Season in Vietnam

Ba Na Hills, Da Nang

Da Nang with 2 distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry one. November and December are the months when Da Nang transfers rain and the weather is cold. The weather in Ba Na Hill is also affected, from a height of 1,400m, the temperature is lower.

The rain does not last all day. So, you can still explore the beauty of this destination. Coming to Ba Na Hill in the winter is a great thing for you. The highlight of this place is the ancient French architectures and the cold will make the space more romantic.

Here, you will be spoiled for fun in the flower garden, visit the old Debay wine cellar and join the games in Fantasy Park. The amazing landscape here will certainly produce many beautiful photos.

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Ba Na Hills, Da Nang, Vietnam in Winter

Da Lat

In the winter, Dalat makes people ecstatic in the terrific moments, when the fog is everywhere, making the sky gradually sink in the fantasy. However, it also brings the sadness inherent.

In this season of the year, that dreamy mountain town is so fragile, making us feel like each space is gradually melting in the blink of an eye. You are sure to enjoy the feeling of walking into the road early in the morning, welcoming the wind blowing in the face, and quietly listening to the misty sky.

You can have numerous stunning photos by driving on the foggy roads to find the green tea hills on the valley and standing in the middle of the windy plateau. Additionally, winter is the season for blooming flowers such as wild sunflowers, Mimosa, Prunus cerasoides, etc.

Foggy Dalat in Vietnam during Winter

Pink River Rocks, Hanoi

If you are in Hanoi, Pink River rocks is also a wonderful spot to save beautiful memories. You will enjoy a tranquil space with a clear sky, light breeze, and rows of white reeds.

Located at the end of alley 264 Au Co, less than a 30-minute drive from central Hanoi, Pink river rocks is a perfect place to escape from the noise of this busy city. In a large area, there are many romantic scenes set up for fun and photography.

The garden is surrounded by the Red River, so visitors can take photos and enjoy the cool breeze carrying an alluvial smell. Space here is decorated with colorful flower beds.

Scenes are arranged logically, can “please” anyone, whether they want to make romantic wedding photos or simply save dynamic, creative and energetic moments of the youth.

Hanoi Pink River Rocks in Vietnam during Winter

Stone Church, Tam Dao

Tam Dao mountain town is famous for its wonderful natural scenery and cool climate in four seasons of the year. It was once a French resort town in Indochina in the early 20th century with 145 villas and basic constructions such as hotels, dance floors, and swimming pools.

The golden age of the mountain town has passed, only the ancient stone church still retains its unique Gothic architecture, boasting as a historical witness between the town in the fog.

Fascinated by the history behind, along with the magnificent and mysterious beauty that makes the ancient stone church always a favorite place for taking photos in Tam Dao, you will not even be able to consider yourself to Tam Dao if yet to visit the stone church.

The mossy gray, cloudy sky and proud green pine forests are the perfect backdrops for any wedding photo. This is also a special favorite place for couples to come to wedding photography in Tam Dao.

Stone Church in Tam Dao Vietnam

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Ba Vi, Hanoi

With high mountainous terrain, cool climate and rich vegetation, coming to Ba Vi on winter days, visitors will have a chance to admire many flowers blooming. Currently, flowers are distributed naturally among the green forest flats of Ba Vi National Park.

The season in which wild sunflowers begin to bloom is from the beginning of November to the middle of December. In addition, in this season you also see many rare and precious forest flowers. The abandoned buildings with moss are still the highlights you should not miss.

Many young people and photographers often come here to compose and save beautiful frames. Plus, the pine forest area is an ideal place for groups of friends and family to camp and relax.

Ba Vi in Hanoi Vietnam

Wrapping It Up

So what do you think about this post on the best places to take photos in Vietnam during the winter season? If you love the article, be sure to leave a comment below! Vietnam is one of the most amazing countries to travel in Southeast Asia, check out these 7 reasons to visit Vietnam here! Till next time!

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Best Places to Take Photos in Vietnam in Winter

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