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Road Trip Around New Zealand:

new zealand road trip
New Zealand

New Zealand Road Trip Guide – Everything You’ll Ever Need!

There’s no better way to discover this sparsely populated paradise other than roaming with your own vehicle. It’s the best thing I had ever done for the sake for traveling, and I can assure you that this is the best way to discover this wonderful country… Yes, New Zealand road trip!

New Zealand

69 New Zealand South Island Photos That’ll Inspire You To Travel

After spending months in New Zealand photographing the natural beauty of South Island, here’s how it looks like if you’ve never been to New Zealand. These photos will definitely awaken your inner wanderlust and plan your travel to New Zealand in no time! Check them out here!

things to do in new zealand
New Zealand

27 Remarkable Things To Do In New Zealand South Island

New Zealand is a country full of hidden gems and picture-perfect attractions. Despite being relatively expensive to travel in, New Zealand is very safe and friendly to backpackers. Make your trip perfect and read these 27 things to do in New Zealand South Island.

south island road trip
New Zealand

25 New Zealand South Island Attractions – Believe Your Eyes

South Island of New Zealand has been well-known across the globe for its untouched nature wonders and towering snowy peaks. The best way to explore this wonderful island is by a road trip. Many gems in South Island are remote and difficult to access, so having your own vehicle solves all the problems and brings you wherever you want to go.

Backpacking Around Nepal:

backpacking nepal

Backpacking Nepal – Explore More With This Detailed Guide!

Decades ago, Nepal was shut away from foreigners until 1951. Since then, climbers started flying to Nepal to challenge the Himalayan Mountains. Today, travelers got the chance to enjoy this Himalayan country with epic landscape. This comprehensive guide provides you everything you need to know for backpacking Nepal.

best time to visit nepal

The Best Time to Visit Nepal – Don’t Mess Up Your Trip!

Nepal is a land with civilizations in different altitudes. All the way from lowland region, Terai to mid-altitude region where Kathmandu is located, Pahad and ultimately to high mountain region, Himal. Understanding the weather in Nepal can helps you plan your perfect trip. So, what’s the best time to visit Nepal?

live in kathmandu

What It’s Like To Live In Kathmandu?

Chaotic traffics, overpopulation, and Himalaya mountains. Wonder how life works in a third-world country? Here’s how it’s like to live in Kathmandu, Nepal.

foods in nepal

7 Best Foods in Nepal You Should Never Miss

Nepal has always been famous with Mt Everest. But Nepalese cuisines are often overlooked by foreigners. Here are 7 best foods in Nepal you should definitely check out on your next visit to this land of historical and ancient cultures.

what to do in pokhara

11 Best Things to Do in Pokhara – Better than Kathmandu?

The second busiest city in Nepal, Pokhara has been welcoming more tourists and travelers around the world than Kathmandu. And it’s not hard to see why. There are so many lovely things to do in Pokhara! This article will do the job of helping you to plan for what to do in Pokhara.

Kathmandu Itinerary Nepal Buddhist Stupa Fence Prayer Flags

3 Days Kathmandu Itinerary: Travel Like A Local

Offering majestic landscapes and historical cultures, Kathmandu has been popular among trekkers and backpackers, now even tourists. However the things to do and see can be overwhelming when you have limited time. All you need is a Kathmandu Itinerary. What can you do with 3 days in Kathmandu city? 

shopping in kathmandu

5 Tips You Must Know Before Shopping in Kathmandu

As the home of Himalayan Mountain Ranges, Nepal has been a dream place for trekkers and climbers altogether. Every year, tens of thousands of trekkers visit Nepal just to lay their footprints in the Himalaya soil. Check out these 5 tips you must know before shopping in Kathmandu city for your gears,

public transport in nepal

Taking Public Transport in Nepal – The Step-by-step Guide

Taking a public transport in Nepal can be tricky for most of the travelers. For 2 months there in Kathmandu, I’ve almost never seen any foreigners taking public bus there. In this article, you will find everything you need to know for hopping on that rusty public bus and go around the massive city!

bandipur nepal

Bandipur Nepal – Trust Me, You Don’t Wanna Miss This!

This elegant hilltop Newari town between Kathmandu and Pokhara had recently gained the attention of international travelers over these few years. While it is originally a weekend getaway vacation town in Nepal for the locals, Bandipur had been more accessible to travelers due to the tourism industry and ease of transport.

Trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal:

annapurna circuit in monsoon

Trekking Annapurna Circuit in Monsoon Season: Good Idea or not?

If you are a trekking enthusiast, you had probably came across a lot of articles warning people against trekking in the monsoon season. This is due to excessive rain, high risk of landslides, loss of road signs, etc. And I assume that you are reading this because you are going for a monsoon trek in Nepal.

What to pack for Annapurna Circuit

What to Pack for Annapurna Circuit in Monsoon Season?

Trekking in the Himalayan Mountain ranges is one of the ultimate dreams of trekkers all around the world. Among all the numerous treks in Nepal, one of the most well-known treks is Annapurna Circuit. In this comprehensive guide, let’s look at the packing list for Annapurna Circuit in monsoon season.

Backpacking in Vietnam:

Best Foods in Vietnam

8 Best Foods In Vietnam That Will Rock Your World!

Vietnamese cuisines had long been recognized as one of the best in Asia. Hundreds of thousands of foreigners visit Vietnam solely to satisfy their taste buds. Are they really that good? Find out more about the best foods in Vietnam that you must try before leaving the country!

Sapa in Winter Vietnam

8 Best Spots For Taking Photos in Vietnam During Winter

Visiting Vietnam during the winter season soon? Then check out this article to find the best places to take photos in Vietnam in winter. While it does not snow in most places in Vietnam, the scenery definitely changes during this season!

Hoi An Street at night

7 Reasons Vietnam MUST Be In Your Bucket List

Vietnam had been a quite a hot spot for tourists and backpackers to visit for quite some time now. No matter what type of traveler you are, Vietnam will definitely has something for you. Leisure, trekking, surfing, kayaking, swimming, you name it.

Backpacking in Laos:

Fun and adventurous Things to do in vang vieng laos

17 Adventurous Things To Do in Vang Vieng – Not Just Tubing!

Vang Vieng is a town where you can literally stay for a week and not feeling bored. Water activities, hiking, climbings, biking, there are just so many things you can do here. So in this article, let’s talk about the things to do in Vang Vieng without breaking your budget.

Best Waterfalls in Laos Featured Image

7 Best Waterfalls in Laos – A Paradise for Waterfall Lovers

Laos is the home of some of the most picturesque waterfalls in Southeast Asia. Check out these 7 best waterfalls in Laos and get your camera ready! The article includes waterfalls in Luang Prabang, Nong Khiaw, Pakse, and 4000 Islands.

Vientiane Laos Pha That Luang Golden Buddhism Stupa Temple

The Perfect Vientiane Itinerary – Things to Do in 24 Hours

Most travelers use Vientiane as a transit point to another city. Since there are not many things to do here, I’d say one day is pretty sufficient to explore what this city has to offer to foreigners. Check out this Vientiane itinerary to maximize your one day in the capital city.

reasons to visit 4000 islands si phan don laos

7 Reasons Why You Must Visit 4000 Islands in Laos

Planning a trip to Laos? Here are 7 reasons you shouldn’t leave 4000 Islands or Si Phan Don out from your Laos itinerary. With the unmatched sceneries and vibe, it’s definitely worth a stay of several days!

vang vieng pha poak viewpoint

Pha Poak Viewpoint in Vang Vieng – Most Challenging Short Hike?

Pha Poak Viewpoint in Vang Vieng is an excellent half-day trip to take within walking distance from the city. Definitely adds this destination to your bucket list if you’re going to arrive in Vang Vieng at noon. Find out on how to do it, how much it cost and more details.

Traveling Malaysia:

Best Beaches in Malaysia

10 Best Beaches in Malaysia You Don’t Wanna Miss!

Malaysia is home to some of the most amazing beaches in Southeast Asia. Check out these best beaches in Malaysia to plan your memorable trip to Malaysia! Suggested by fellow travel bloggers who’ve been there and done that.

Tasik Biru Kangkar Pulai

Visiting Tasik Biru Kangkar Pulai (Blue Lake) Made Easy!

Tasik Biru Kangkar Pulai is yet another viral attraction in Johor, Malaysia. If you’re living nearby or you’re a UTM student, here’s how you can visit it! Note that this post is a guideline instead of an absolute spoonfeeding guide. 3 routes are provided, you gotta decide what’s for you.

View from Penang Hill Train in Penang Island
Cities on a Budget

How to See Penang on a Budget – Under $20/day!

It’s totally possible to travel in Penang on a budget under $20 a day! Click here to learn all the money-saving tips for your Penang trip! Psst… You’re not going to compensate for anything.

Balik Pulau Penang Street Art

Balik Pulau Penang Guide – Everything You Need To Visit!

When we speak of Penang, things that come to our mind is the food, the famous Penang Heritage Site or famous tourist attractions like Penang Hill or Kek Lok Si Temple. But nope, today we are not talking about these well-known Penang feats. We will be exploring the hidden gem, Balik Pulau Penang!

kampung morten melaka

Kampung Morten Melaka – Trust Me, It’s Worth Visiting!

Located in the midst of the ocean of urbanizations, Kampung Morten Melaka is often the overlooked and underrated gem of Melaka city. In fact, it’s not even that far away from the popular attractions like Jonker Street and A’ Famosa Fort.

Perks For Malaysians:

work & travel usa program for malaysia students

Malaysian Work & Travel USA Step-by-Step Guide 2020 Updated

In the summer of 2018, I’ve spent a crazy and memory-packed summer in California under Malaysian Work & Travel USA program. It’s an unforgettable 2.5 months working together with friends from different countries all around the world and local Americans. Wonder how you can do so too? Check out this post!

working in santa cruz beach boardwalk
USA California

How It’s Like Working in Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

USA sounds like a far-fetched dream for a lot of Malaysians but in the summer of 2018, I had the privilege to work in Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California. Thanks to this Work & Travel USA Program, I got to know friends of different nationalities and learned a lot in this journey!

new zealand working holiday visa for malaysian
New Zealand

Updated Guide 2020: New Zealand Working Holiday Visa for Malaysian

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa for Malaysian changed my perspectives & life forever. With this updated & detailed guide, I include everything from eligibilities, step-by-step application procedures (with screenshots), tips to secure your spot for NZWH and 19 Frequently Asked Questions. Sit back and get ready for the battle!

new zealand working holiday visa
New Zealand

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa: Complete Guide 2020 (UPDATED)

New Zealand Immigration official website has been updated to completely new design and layout. This comprehensive step-by-step guide will lead you through every steps to acquire your New Zealand Working Holiday Visa. Photos are used in every step for better understandings.

New Zealand Working Holiday
Travel Inspiration

What I Learnt From New Zealand Working Holiday

I went to New Zealand Working Holiday at February 2016, it’s best thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was my first time traveling abroad all alone, and second time traveling out of Malaysia. This journey undoubtedly shaped me into who am I today.

Traveling California, USA:

Best Beaches in California
USA California

8 Best Beaches in California For Your Summer Vacation!

California has always been well-known as one of the best summer destinations in the US. Cool sea breeze, epic landscapes and plenty of unique national parks, California truly have something for every type of person. Plan your next summer vacation with these 8 best beaches in California!

things to see in santa cruz
USA California

21 Awesome Things To Do in Santa Cruz California in Summer!

Explore the lovely California surf city, Santa Cruz like a boss! Having spent 3 months in Santa Cruz, I dare say that I’m quite familiar with the town than some Californians living nearby. Here are 21 awesome things to do in Santa Cruz California to leave unforgettable memories.

Travel Resources:

Amazon's Best Travel Accessories Under $20
Travel Resources

Amazon’s Best Travel Accessories Under $20

Make your travel smoother and relaxing with all these affordable travel accessories from Amazon. I only recommend products I personally tried or used by other travelers I met on the road or through blogging network. Rest assured, this is the best & updated list you can find.

swing abroad recommended gears
Travel Resources

Recommended Gears

My ultimate recommended gear list. I only recommend products I personally tried or used by my travel friends I met on the road or through blogging network. Make your travel more enjoyable now!

save money while traveling
Saving Tips

10 Legit Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Save money while traveling is one crucial skill for travelers. Not to mention its importance. People tend to spend too much on unnecessary things. Having these money savings knowledge in mind during your travel, it became easier to pack more cash in your pocket before your next destinations.

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