Travel Inspirations

Everyone’s looking for that little inspirations, the little sprinkles of energy to spark up their travel fire. 

Ever since I started traveling, I’ve been wanting to inspire others. Not for them to follow my steps but to follow their dreams. 

I love to see the happiness of others, as much as seeing myself enjoying what I’m doing. 

It’s always easy telling people what should be done. But is it? Everyone was born differently. Nobody has the exact same mindset and environment to begin with. What differs one from another?  

I would say experience. Experience gives one an identity. And identity, is what make you yourself. 

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skydive wanaka
Travel Inspiration

6 Symptoms You Should Go Skydiving

Who hadn’t dreamed of flying like a bird, watching over the earth thousand feats above the ground? Skydiving has been in many people’s life-goal list for decades since it’s introduced to mankind. If you have all these symptoms, you know what you have to do.

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New Zealand Working Holiday
Travel Inspiration

What I Learnt From New Zealand Working Holiday

I went to New Zealand Working Holiday at February 2016, it’s best thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was my first time traveling abroad all alone, and second time traveling out of Malaysia. This journey undoubtedly shaped me into who am I today.

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