Through My Eyes Series
USA California

In June 2018, I spent my summer working in Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk under Work & Travel USA Program in Santa Cruz. I was a Ride Operator in the amusement park for two and a half months. The period was one of the best times of my life. The vibes were so strong because the power of family love is concentrated in this very place. 

Did I mention I work two full-time jobs in Santa Cruz? I landed myself a second job in Jack in the Box and got my routine pretty messed up when I started the midnight 8-hours shift. That explains why my blog stopped updating from July to September because I simply want to spend my tiny little spare time for exploring around and have fun. 

Things weren’t as smooth as they were for me during the past trips. My car window and smashed and my backpack got stolen, leaving me just a backpack with electronic devices and important documents, and a guitar. Despite all the ups and downs, I still hope to participate in the program once more. It’s hell of a summer!

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