#12 Arriving in Temuka & Starting My First Apple Picking Job

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Before arriving in Temuka, New Zealand, all I know about this small town is from Google Street View. I had a quick glimpse of the main street, seemed pretty much like Motueka, or at least that’s what I thought. After taking the Akaroa shuttle back to Christchurch, it’s just a few hours of bus ride to arrive in Temuka. I did not check the location of the bus station, so I had no idea at all on where I was going to be dropped off at.

Sunset in Temuka New Zealand

Arrival in Temuka

It kinda took me by surprise when the bus driver dropped me off at a random bus stop on the main street. It looks like a deserted town at first, not many cars around, and the pedestrian streets are wide and empty.

Took out my phone, started the GPS, and I started walking. I was arranged an accommodation in Temuka Holiday Park, which is located around 10 minutes walk from the bus stop. And with that many things to carry, it was a nightmare I didn’t want to remember.

I totally looked like a stupid Asian guy traveling abroad for the first time, who never know about the concept of backpacking. But whatever.

The receptionist was super nice and friendly, and I was taken to my bed in no time after my arrival. It was a 4-bed dorm room inside a container. To be honest, I liked the concept but I was worried about who’s going to be my roommate.

Apparently, they’ve arrived before me and went out.

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Garden in Temuka New Zealand

Meet Roy and Jack

By the evening, I’ve met with my new roommates, both of them are local Maoris, working in several orchards depending on the season. Both of them are a little… weird, at first. But they later became my best friends in New Zealand. Really took some time to really get along with them.

Sadly, we never took any photo together.

Walked to the supermarket 15 minutes away and bought some groceries. At night, I made myself a lamb chop for the first time ever. I’ve never had one in my life, seriously. It wasn’t that bad, thanks mom for letting me into the kitchen.

Temuka Garden and Bridge

Briefing on the Apple Picking Job

On my second day in Temuka, our job agent, Terry dropped by and gave us a quick brief on how the job’s like. How to pick the apples, how to use the ladders, and how the rate counts. It was all talk on the paper though, but that gave us a rough idea how’s the job’s going to be like.

I’ve met other Malaysians living in Temuka Holiday Park as well, who’re going to start the job together with me on the fourth day.

Didn’t really get along with them well, because they’ve known each other for months and it’s hard for an introvert like me to join into large groups.

Weather here was perfect, neither too cold nor too warm. I got adapted faster than I expected and got ready to start my first job in New Zealand – apple picking.

Guess I’ll leave that for the next episode since it’ll probably be quite long. See you in the next episode then!

Flower in Temuka New Zealand

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#12 Arriving in Temuka for Apple Picking Job

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