Visiting Tasik Biru Kangkar Pulai (Blue Lake) Made Easy!

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Tasik Biru Kangkar Pulai is yet another viral attraction in Johor, Malaysia that wasn’t known to the people until recent years. I was quite late into the trend because I wasn’t particularly interested in an artificial, environment-destroying attraction like this, but I guess I’d give it a go after all. I’d recommend a visit to this Blue Lake especially if you’re a UTM student since it’s just 30 minutes’ drive away from campus.

A few things before I proceed, there are many routes to get you from the trail starting point to Tasik Biru, so the routes provided below might not be the shortest, but they were the routes I took. Have fun exploring around.

I’m not entirely sure what causes the turquoise-blue color of the lake. My take is that there is a substance inside, a source said it’s copper sulfate due to the mining activity in the quarry. But I’m sure it’ll not be so vibrant if there is no sunlight for the reflection.

I talked about 3 routes below, with Route C being the shortest, followed by Route A and Route B.

Anyway, here’s how you can get to Tasik Biru Kangkar Pulai.

Tasik Biru Kangkar Pulai

Getting to the Starting Point of Tasik Biru Hike

Getting to the starting point of the trail is a little tricky. If you directly navigate to Tasik Biru in Google Maps, it’ll bring you to a primary school, where the further roads were under construction.

To get to the car park, navigate to “Blue Lake Car Park Entrance” and park your car there. Then, walk all the way straight until you see the spot below.

Second Coordinate Tasik Biru Kangkar Pulai Trail

If you prefer spoonfeeding, navigate to this coordinate, and you’ll see the entrance on your right, around 50 meters away.

I did see some cars parked near the entrance, but I don’t know how they drove their cars there. Pretty sure there was another entrance. Anyway, it took around 5-10 minutes’ walk to get to the entrance from the car park.

Tasik Biru Trail Starting Point Entrance
Tasik Biru Trail Starting Point Entrance

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Getting to Tasik Biru Kangkar Pulai

Route A – Shorter Route

A few steps into the trail will bring you to the splitting point, from here, go left. Again, you might be able to get there by taking alternative routes, but these are the routes I took.

Tasik Biru Trail First Intersection Point
Tasik Biru Trail First Intersection Point

Then, at the second intersection (picture below), go right.

Blue Lake Trail Second Intersection Point
Blue Lake Trail Second Intersection Point

Continue hiking up after this turn.

The Sharp Turn at Route A
The Sharp Turn at Route A

In the picture below, you can see that there is a steep trail on the right. Pretty sure it wasn’t meant to be a trail but people used it so much that it became one. Just like the shortcut trail in your taman, where the grass withered and the ground turns solid.

Shortcut Trail in Route A
Shortcut Trail in Route A

After you get to the trail from that, turn right, walk til the end and you’ll see Tasik Biru. You’ll need to do some hiking to get to the viewpoints. It’s steep and challenging for some, but I’m sure you’ll have no problems.

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Route B – Longer Route with “Rock Garden”

Rock Garden is a name I made up myself to make it sound cooler. Basically they’re just a pile of huge rocks dumped there by the quarry company. But I personally think they make a good picnic spot, with good shades and they act as a windshield too.

Rock Garden in Distance in Route B
I forgot to take photos there!

This route is longer, and I’m sure not many people do it because the trails are green at some points.

So for this route, at the first intersection, take left, then at the second intersection, take right.

After that, keep on hiking until you reach the flat ground and see the Rock Garden in distance. The trail leading to Tasik Biru is like the picture below, and that’s before the Rock Garden. So if you’re planning a visit there, you gotta take a detour.

Trail to Tasik Biru Route B

Keep on hiking in the palm tree farm until you see an entrance on your left, that’s probably the entrance to Tasik Biru. From this entrance, you’ll reach the higher viewpoint of Tasik Biru, I mean higher elevation.

The Entrance to Tasik Biru from Route B
The Entrance to Tasik Biru

You’ll need to hike down the steep trail to get to the lower viewpoint (featured at the beginning of the article), where most people take their Instagram photos. I’d suggest having good sport shoes or hiking shoes since it’s slippery there due to the sand.

The Higher Viewpoint of Tasik Biru Kangkar Pulai
The Higher Viewpoint of Tasik Biru
Steep Trail with Rope To Get to Lower Tasik Biru Viewpoint
Steep Trail with Rope To Get to Lower Tasik Biru Viewpoint

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Route C – The Shortest Route to Tasik Biru

Now, I read about this route from another blog, and I have never personally tried it. At the first intersection, take the right instead of the left.

After a few minutes’ walks on the flat ground, you’ll have to challenge yourself to the steep hike, as the one mentioned previously.

With this route, you’ll arrive at the viewpoint in 10 minutes.

Which Route Should You Take?

Again, I’m by no means an expert in Tasik Biru, I’m just sharing the routes I take. There are no signboards at all to point you the direction so it’s quite an adventure to explore around. Remember to bring enough water so you don’t dehydrate yourself in the process.

For those who just want the photos, visit with Route A or Route C and back on the same trail. If you love sightseeing, maybe take Route B to Tasik Biru then Route A back to the entrance.

Wrapping It Up

Okay, that’s all I have for this attraction. Hope it helps you to plan your visit, bring some brunch there and have a picnic with your friends. Just don’t leave any rubbish there, the environment there is broken enough already. It kinda breaks my heart to see the forest deforested like nothing. Anyway, enjoy your Tasik Biru Kangkar Pulai hike. If you’re a Malaysian, check out my New Zealand Working Holiday Visa Guide and Work & Travel USA Program Guide!

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Yen is a university student from Malaysia and a huge fan of Blues music and photography. His passion for travel can be traced back to 2016 when he spent 6 months traveling New Zealand. By blending into the locals and traveling long-term, he shares all the comprehensive and detailed travel ideas and guides for the countries with his footprints.

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2 thoughts on “Visiting Tasik Biru Kangkar Pulai (Blue Lake) Made Easy!”

  1. Hi, is it permitted to visit here? Cause others said it is not permitted anymore, but not sure whether can still visit certain spot or what. I really wish to go there.

    1. Hey Aqilah, from what I know, the attraction had long been restricted for visitors’ visit, since it’s a private land. But as mentioned, nobody was around to guard the entrance and there are plenty of visitors daily during my visit. So, there shouldn’t be a problem visiting. Hope this helps. 🙂

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