Singapore NYE 2020 Countdown Fireworks at Marina Bay

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I’m a little late, but they said it’s better late than never, right? On 31st December 2019, me and my friends hop on the bus and got ourselves to Marina Bay, Singapore for the famous countdown fireworks. We did a lot of researches to find the best spot for enjoying the fireworks and ended up setting up our tripod in Jubilee Bridge in Marina Bay. That proved to be a great move because we were able to enjoy the countdown fireworks with Marina Bay Sands as our backdrop.

If you’re looking for a guide to taking photographs for the fireworks in Marina Bay, I hope this post will give you some insights on the angle and stuff. This post is not a guide, but hopefully an inspiration for you.

We set up our tripod to secure our own spot since 6 pm and waited for 5 hours until the fireworks started flaming up the sky. Yep, surprisingly they started the fireworks on and off around 11 pm until it hits 2020. You wouldn’t believe the crowd.

Note that I did not have a remote trigger for the photographing, I saw it as merely a first experience and practice for firework photography. Don’t be too picky on the blur and quality, will ya? Just sharing my passion. Cheers!

Here you go, the countdown fireworks in Marina Bay, Singapore during the New Year Eve in 31st December 2019.

Singapore Marina Bay New Year Eve 2020 Countdown Fireworks

Singapore Marina Bay Countdown Fireworks

Jubilee Bridge Countdown Fireworks 1

Jubilee Bridge Countdown Fireworks 2

Jubilee Bridge Countdown Fireworks 3

Jubilee Bridge Countdown Fireworks 4

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Jubilee Bridge Countdown Fireworks 5

Jubilee Bridge Countdown Fireworks 6

Jubilee Bridge Countdown Fireworks 7

Jubilee Bridge Countdown Fireworks 8

Jubilee Bridge Countdown Fireworks 9

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Jubilee Bridge Countdown Fireworks 9

Singapore Marina Bay Countdown Fireworks 2

Singapore Marina Bay Countdown Fireworks 2

Singapore Marina Bay Countdown Fireworks 3

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Singapore Marina Bay Countdown Fireworks 4

Singapore Marina Bay Countdown Fireworks 5

Singapore Marina Bay Countdown Fireworks 6

Singapore Marina Bay Countdown Fireworks 7

Singapore Marina Bay Countdown Fireworks 8

Singapore Marina Bay Countdown Fireworks 9

Wrapping It Up

Thanks for making it to the end, hope you enjoyed the photos. Again, these photos are not perfect, but I’m positive that I did better than what I expected from myself. It’s a great start for the decade, doing something that I’m passionate about. Let’s hope for a better decade ahead? Check out these 69 photos that will inspire your travel to New Zealand South Island!

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