Quick Glance At Laos

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7 million with 9 main ethnic groups. Religions are 64.7% Buddhism and 31.4% Laotian folk religion. 

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Lao is the national language and understood by all Laotians. English is rarely used among Laotian people therefore not well understood by them. Young Laotians in cities have higher chances of understanding English.

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Lao Kip. 1 US$ is approximately 8,500 Lao Kip. Most hostels accept payment in US Dollars but at a lower rate.

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Type A, B, C, E & F socket. Standard voltage in Vietnam is 230V, standard frequency is 50Hz.

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Public bus exist only in big cities like Vientiane and Pakse. In Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, etc, tuk-tuks are the main transportation options. Alternative way is to rent a motorbike and ride around by yourself.

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Despite the expensive foods in Laos, accommodations are mostly cheap and affordable. Dorm beds can be found at around $5.

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January - February - Boun Pha Vet
February - Boun Ma Kha Bu Saar (Full Moon)
March - Boun Khoun Khao
April - Boun Pi Mai
May - Boun Visakha Bu Saar (Full Moon)
May to September - Boun Bang Fai "Rocket Festival"
September - Boun Haw Khao Salaack (Full Moon) & Boun Khao Salak (Rice)
October - Boun Ok Phansa & Boat Racing Festival & Boun Khathin
November - That Luang Festival and Trade Fair in Vientiane

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Food in Vietnam

Laotian foods are similar to Thailand and Vietnam.
Sandwich - Laotian version of Banh Mi in Vietnam. It's a French baguette with vegetables and meats of your choice.
Fruit shakes - Surprisingly, fruit shakes are sold in every corner of the country. You can find fruit shake stalls in every cities you visit. Probably due to the fresh harvests of tropical fruits available in Laos.
Street foods are usually grilled or smoked meats. They're abundant especially in Luang Prabang. However, vegetarians options are also common in Laos. It's mind-opening on how many meats they're selling in Laos.

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Things to Do

Luang Prabang - Venture to Kuang Si Falls, watch Morning Alms Giving Ceremony, watch sunset in Mount Phousi & Chill out at Utopia Bar & Restaurant.
Vang Vieng - Go tubing, go zip-lining, go basically all touristy activities, rent a motorbike and ride to Blue Lagoons, hike up to Nam Xay viewpoint for the best view in your life, challenge your limit in Adam's Rock Climbing School.
Vientiane - Shopping in Night Market, photograph Patuxay Monument, Learn the history of war in COPE Visitor Centre, Admire the architecture in Wat That Luang.
Pakse - Rent a motorbike and explore the breathtaking waterfalls in Bolaven Plateau, hike up and watch sunset in Phu Salao Golden Buddha.
4000 Islands - Take a DIY trip to Khone Pha Pheng, Southeast Asia's largest waterfall, watch sunset in Khongyai Beach while enjoying a coconut, ride around the island and discover the way of life in Don Khon and Don Det.

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