Kampung Morten Melaka - Trust Me, It's Worth Visiting!

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Located in the midst of the ocean of urbanizations, Kampung Morten Melaka is often the overlooked and underrated gem of Melaka city. In fact, it’s not even that far away from the popular attractions like Jonker Street and A’ Famosa Fort.

Named after a British land revenue collector, F. J. Morten during the British Malaya, Kampung Morten was founded by Othman Mohd. Noh. In the 1920s. But it wasn’t until the 90s that the Head of Village took steps to develop the village into a tourist attraction.

Look at the contrary of the traditional villages and the surrounding skyscrapers. The villages can never blend into the surroundings, they were there to stand out among all.

Let’s dive in and see what Kampung Morten has to offer!

kampung morten melaka

Villa Sentosa in Kampung Morten Melaka

Nowadays, Kampung Morten had welcomed tens of thousands of visitors in the course of 20 years. Look at the impressive visitor log books in Villa Sentosa, once the house of the Head of Village but now a living museum.

kampung morten melaka

Villa Sentosa, The Malay Living Museum, showcase Malay traditions and decorations of a traditional Malay house.

It’s open to the public every day from 9 am to 5 pm, with a lunch break from 1 pm to 3 pm. Note that these hours might change during the Ramadan month.

The best thing? The admission is free but accepts donations.

If you’re looking for the address, here you go. Lorong Tun Mamat 1, Kampung Morten, 75300 Melaka.

kampung morten melaka

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Tour Around Villa Sentosa

There will be guides to take you for a tour around the house for free, usually the family members of the Head of Village.

If you happen to stumble upon him, you’ll be surprised how friendly he is. And he’s more than happy to explain everything in the house to you.

Need not to worry about them pressurizing you to make donations, they never do it. But they will tell you that they accept donations at a donation box near the entrance.

villa sentosa

As you cross the entrance, you will see an open space with no ceiling. This space got flooded every time there’s a big rain and formed a small temporary ‘swimming pool’ for the kids to have fun in.

kampung morten

The grandmother told me that hitting the gong 3 times will bring me good luck, and insists on me to hit it. And I’m more than happy to do that.

villa sentosa melaka

Elegant collections of teaware. There’s a lot of beautiful collections in the house including Malay traditional dresses, traditional games, old cameras, and dining wares.

villa sentosa melaka

kampung morten melaka

These chairs are for couples during their wedding, but now for display purposes only. Feel free to sit on the chairs for photos, the guide will show you how to do it right.

kampung morten

Photos of the family are also displayed all around the house. The family member bringing you around the house will introduce them almost one-by-one to you if there’s no crowd.

So if you’re planning to visit and learn as much as you want, don’t go on weekends or peak hours.

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Is It Crowded in Kampung Morten?

During my visit, there was no crowd at all other than me, my partner and a foreigner. So we took our time and utilize them to see as much as we could. The friendly grandma is also helpful enough to explain everything to us. She’s a cute grandma though.

villa sentosa melaka

Spending Time Around The Village

After visiting Villa Sentosa, head out of the house and walk around the village. Most of the houses were very well-decorated and tourist-friendly.

Homestays are also common in the village if you’re planning to stay a night in a traditional Malay house.

kampung morten

kampung morten melaka

It’s heart-warming to see how determined are they to preserve the traditions and cultures in Kampung Morten despite the urban development surrounding the village.

If you’re unable to make it due to a tight schedule, take a Melaka River Cruise. It will take you all along Melaka River and passes through Kampung Morten.

There you will see a huge difference on both sides. Traditional Malay village on one side and huge modern buildings on another side.

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Getting to Kampung Morten Melaka

The best way to get to Kampung Morten Melaka is on foot. It’s around 20 to 30 minutes north from Jonker Street along Melaka River. And if you’ve never spent time walking along Melaka River, definitely do it. The views are beautiful and there’s no hustle.

Don’t feel like walking? You could use GrabCar. It’s an app on mobile, works very similar to Uber. The transport fee is around RM6 from Jonker Street to the village.

GrabCar is a lot cheaper than taxis but feels free to support the taxis if you feel like it.

villa sentosa melaka

Wrapping It Up

If you enjoy this article, please share it with your friends and families who are planning a trip to Melaka. I would say Kampung Morten is not something a traveler should miss. It’s a museum and museums are often overlooked because it’s almost equivalent to ‘boring’ for some. I assure you that you will enjoy Kampung Morten. Happy traveling!

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