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When I first started engaging with other bloggers, the one thing that caught my attention in their email is their fancy email signature down there. The signature made them look very professional (even though some of the actual blogs don’t…) and I was wondering how the hell they made that. I searched the internet but there’s way too limited resources about this out there. So I decided to write a blog post solely on this. How to create professional Gmail signature for free?

create professional gmail signature

First of all, it’s not in the Gmail Settings > Signature part. The resources there are way too insufficient to create a professional email signature. It’s like Paint in Windows.

Second, it needs no money at all, and only a little precious time of yours to create one.

Enough talking, let’s get started.

Step #1 – Preparing Your Avatar

The tricky part comes first. Unless you’re planning to use a square photo, be prepared to spend 5 minutes to get your round avatar photo ready.

First, go to CutMyPic!. Upload the photo you want to use as the avatar and press GO!.

At the customization page (Step 2), slide the Round Corners toggle on the first row to the maximum. It’s your choice to add any extra effects but I wouldn’t recommend that. The key is to look professional here. Scroll all the way down, select PREVIEW.

create professional email signature

Press DONE! button when you’re good with the preview photo. The round photo should be downloaded.

Step #2 – Download Social Media Icons

There are plenty of websites that offer free social media icons, but I used SoftIcons for myself. For this tutorial, I will use the icons by author Hakan Ertan at SoftIcons. Click here to see the set.

Note that not all social media icons in SoftIcons allow commercial usage. So be sure to check before using them. You’ll be able to check the Commercial Usage when you click into the icons set.

Download the PNG files for whichever icons you need.

Step #3 – Uploading Images to Google Drive

This step is the easiest. Go ahead and open your Google Drive. Upload the round avatar photo and social media icons you just downloaded.

If you prefer Google Photos, be sure to set the album into Shared Album.

Step #4 – Utilizing Google Docs

Head over to the New button, and add a new Google Docs.

Under the Insert tab, create a table of 2×1. Adjust the ratio to around 1:2. The left column should accommodate your round avatar photo while your info will be on the right column.

Select the left column, under the Insert tab, insert your round avatar photo from Google Drive. This is what you’ll see after this step.

how to create professional gmail signature

On the right column, insert your personal information. Feel free to edit the font and colors to make everything looks more professional. Hyperlink your website, email address and your trending post on your website.

how to create professional email signature

Below the personal information, insert the social media icons from Google Drive. You will need to adjust the size one-by-one if you want to change the size. Again, hyperlink all those icons to your social media account URL.

free professional gmail signature

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Step #5 – Adding The Final Touch

Yes, the borders of the table are annoying. Now we’re gonna get rid of them.

free professional email signature

Now we got rid of the borders. Let’s say you want to add a line in the middle, separating the photo and the personal information. How to do it? Follow the steps below.

create free gmail signature

After you select the middle borderline, select the width of line you desired. For my case, I chose 3pt and made it into orange color to suit my blog’s theme. Utilize the Indent slide to create space between the middle line and the text.

create free email signature

Step #6 – Applying The Signature to Gmail

Go ahead and open your Gmail. Under Settings, scroll all the way down to the Signature section. At your Google Docs, press Select All, copy and paste into the Signature text box in Gmail Settings.

Press Save Changes button.

create professional gmail signature

Step #7 – Your Professional Gmail Signature Is Done!


You just got yourself a new professional email signature that enhances the emails you sent! Easy, right? I love simple stuff.

This way, you saved yourself some money because all the Email Signature Maker websites I came across out there requires me to pay. Thanks for staying through the end and letting me help you. I hope you enjoyed reading.

If you think this article is worth sharing, I will appreciate your help. Feel free to share it among your friends! (and strangers too, of course). Til next time.

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Create Professional Gmail Signature

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