Yen is a university student from Malaysia and a huge fan of Blues music and photography. His passion for travel can be traced back to 2016 when he spent 6 months traveling New Zealand. By blending into the locals and traveling long-term, he shares all the comprehensive and detailed travel ideas and guides for the countries with his footprints.

California has always been well-known as one of the best summer destinations in the US. Cool sea breeze, epic landscapes and plenty of unique national parks, California truly have something for every type of person. Plan your next summer vacation with these 8 best beaches in California!

Si Phan Don is an unmissable destination in Laos. Surrounded by the Mekong River, the landscapes are unmatched. Check out these amazing things to do in 4000 Islands and enjoy the destination before it’s commercialized!

Doing a rebrand for your website? Changing domain names is easy, but the part after that is very tricky. Here are the things you should know beforehand! You’ll not lose any link juice if you do it correctly!

For some, long haul flights are a nightmare, but I honestly love them more than hating them. Here is how I enjoy long flights, and how you can too! This article includes tips & tricks, what you should pack onboard and the things to do up there.

It’s easily possible to travel in Kathmandu city, the capital of Nepal on a budget of $25 per day. Here are the things you need to know to travel like a local, like where to stay, where to eat, and how to save money on transportations.

Is Vang Vieng the best town in Laos? I can’t speak for others, but you’ll surely enjoy this adventure town of Laos. Check out this comprehensive 3 days Vang Vieng itinerary and get packing now!

Remember the ultimate backpack you dreamed of when you first traveled? It’s not perfect but it’s close, check out this Nayo Almighty review now! I included an honest review on what I liked and disliked about this backpack too!

Visiting Vietnam during the winter season soon? Then check out this article to find the best places to take photos in Vietnam in winter. While it does not snow in most places in Vietnam, the scenery definitely changes during this season!

Find out what you can do in 3 days with this Da Nang itinerary and explore one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam with this comprehensive guide! Includes all admission fees, where to stay, and what to eat.

Most travelers use Vientiane as a transit point to another city. Since there are not many things to do here, I’d say one day is pretty sufficient to explore what this city has to offer to foreigners. Check out this Vientiane itinerary to maximize your one day in the capital city.

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