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92 million with 54 ethnic groups and over 7 spoken languages. 73.4% Vietnamese folk religion and 12.2% Buddhism. 

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Vietnamese is the national language and understood by most Vietnamese. English is rarely used among Vietnamese therefore not well understood by them. Young Vietnamese has higher chance of understanding English.

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Vietnamese Dong. 1 US$ is approximately 22,000 Vietnamese Dong. Local vendors usually take US$1 for 20,000 Vietnamese Dong items. US$ is not widely accepted in Vietnam.

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Type A & C socket. Standard voltage in Vietnam is 110 / 220V, standard frequency is 50Hz.

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Public buses are the cheapest option in Vietnam and they are user-friendly to travelers. Bus fare is written beside the bus door. Taxis costs around $4-7, price varies widely depending where you go. Generally, taxis in Vietnam are standardized and use meters. Long distance bus costs around $10 depending the distance and duration. (10-hours sleeper bus costs around $15)

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Accommodation in Vietnam is the cheapest in Southeast Asia. A good dorm bed costs around $4-6 per night. Double room ranges around $8-12. Rooms are relatively more expensive in big cities.

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January or February - Lunar New Year
Mid-February - Lim Festival
Mid-February or March - Perfume Festival
Late March to Early April - Phu Giay Festival
Early April - Hung King Temple Festival
Early May - Buddha's Birthday
April/May/June - Hue Festival (Every 2 years)
Early September - Wandering Souls Day
Mid-September - Mid-Autumn Festival
14th of every month - Hoi An Lantern Festival

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Food in Vietnam

Vietnamese cousines are generally healthy and organic without use of artificial seasonings.
Pho - Vietnamese noodle soup made of flavorful broth, rice noodle, herbs and meat (usually chicken or beef).
Banh Mi - Vietnamese word for bread. This French-influenced baguette was one of the most popular choices for breakfast. Banh Mi is made of baguette wrapping up meats, herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes and sometimes avocado upon request.
Bun Cha - Comes with vermicelli noodles, handful of herbs, pickled vegetables and sauce. One of the most widely available staple in Hanoi.
Spring Rolls - Comes in two form: steamed and fried. It's a little difficult to find delicious steamed spring roll but fried spring rolls usually taste great.
Banh Xeo - Basically fried pancakes. Made of rice flour and coconut milk, it is fried with shrimps or meats and heaps of bean sprouts. Signature food in Hue.
Coffee - Vietnamese coffee has a great reputation around the world, due to its distinctive flavor and thick texture. Both with and without condensed milk taste decent. Egg coffee should not be skipped in Vietnam.

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Things to Do

Hanoi - Try street foods and egg coffee, visit historic Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, take a walk by Lake Hoan Kiem and blend into the weekend vibe in Old Quarter.
Sapa - Go hiking at nearby trails, enjoy the magnificent golden rice field terraces and make friends with fellow travelers.
Cat Ba Island - Take a satisfying one-day cruise tour to Ha Long bay, rent a motorbike and roam around the island, visit the Cannon Fort and dine in my favorite cafe in Vietnam, Like Coffee Cafe.
Tam Coc - Take a must-do boat tour in Trang An, visit the impressive Bai Dinh Temple and walk to outskirt to enjoy the views of limestone cliffs.
Da Nang - Surf by the pristine beach, enjoy fresh seafood feast, relax yourself by the sand coast and take photo of the Dragon Bridge.
Hoi An - Spend a few nights in Hoi An to absorb it all, go shopping at the crowded night market, enjoy the lanterns all over the streets and just relax yourself.

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