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70 million with over 70 ethnic groups. 86% of the population are Thais, 3% Khmer, 2% Malays, and the other 9% is made up of 68 minority ethnic groups. The main religion in Thailand is Buddhism (94.5%), followed by Islamism (4.3%).

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Thai is the national language and spoken by almost all Thais. English is not commonly understood in rural areas but is widely understood in hot tourism spots. However, most of them speak very basic English. Young Thais have less problem understanding and communicating in English. 

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Thai Baht. 1 US Dollar is around 33 Bahts as of January 2020.

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Type A, B, and C in one socket. Standard voltage in Thailand is 230V, standard frequency is 50Hz.

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Renting a motorcycle to get around in Thailand is very common among foreigners. If not, tuk-tuk is the most popular option among non-riders. Bargaining is a common practice in most places in Thailand. Public buses are not widely used by foreigners since the options are not expensive.
Inter-city transfers are often done by buses and vans, for example, getting from Phuket to Krabi, etc. Most of the buses and vans are new and well-maintained, at least for those I've tried.
Sea transfer from island to island is often done by longtail boats, the iconic Thai boats and speedboats. For longer journey, ferries are used instead, for example, from Krabi to Phi Phi Island.

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Accommodation in towns and cities in Thailand can be very cheap. For budget backpackers, you can get a dorm bed for around $4-6, and a private double room for $9-15. The prices increase when you're in small and crowded islands like Phi Phi Island, Ko Lipe, Ko Samui, etc.

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Festivals in Thailand

Thailand is one of the hottest destinations for tourists for many reasons. One of them, of course, is that Thailand is such a happening place with plenty of festivals. Here are 12 festivals that you should keep your eyes on.
1. Phi Ta Khon (The Ghost Festival) in Dan Sai Town. Held on the weekend of lunar calendar's 6th full moon.
2. Songkran Festival (The Water Festival).
3. Chinese New Year. Held on the first day of lunar calendar.
4. Lopburi Monkey Banquet. Held in November.
5. Yi Peng (The Lantern Festival). Held on the full moon of the 12th Lunar month.
6. Boon Bang Fai (The Rocket Festival).
7. Wing Kwai (The Buffalo Racing Festival). Held on the day before full moon night of 11th lunar month.
8. Surin Elephant Festival in Surin Province, Isan, Thailand.
9. Phuket Vegetarian Festival. Held on October.
10. Mekong Naga Fireballs. Held on late October and early November.
11. Father's Day and Mother's Day. Held on 12th August and 5th December.
12. Candle Festival. Held on July.

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Food in Thailand

Thai cuisines are considered one of the best in the world. Thai food is found in almost every corner of the world, simply because it's that good. Despite having distinct and strong flavors, the Thai foods are also very healthy because there are a lot of greens used in the dishes. Artificial seasonings in food are not as common as in Malaysia, but the flavors aren't behind Malaysian street foods. Here are some of the most famous Thai cuisines:
1. Pad Thai (Thai fried noodle)
2. Khao Pad (Fried Rice)
3. Tom Yum (Thai Signature Spicy and Sour Soup) - Often served with chicken (Kai) or shrimps (Goong)
4. Som Tum (Spicy Green Papaya Salad)
5. Pad Krapow Moo Saap (Friend Basil Leaves and Pork with Rice)

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