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29 million with over 101 ethnic groups and over 92 spoken languages. 81.3% Hinduism, 9% Buddhism, 4.4% Islam.

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Nepali is the national language and spoken by almost all Nepali. English is widely used and understood in tourism spots and Kathmandu. Most young Nepalis understand English.

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Nepali Rupee. US Dollars are not always accepted. (1 US Dollar is approximately 100 Nepali Rupee).

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Type C socket. Standard voltage in Nepal is 230V, standard frequency is 50Hz.

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Public buses are the cheapest option in Nepal but it's a bit technical to get to your destination by local bus. Taxis are widely used by tourists, costing around US$4 per trip in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Intercity tourist bus costs around US$7-10. Intercity local bus costs around $4-8.

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Accommodation in Nepal can be very cheap. During the low season, a budget dorm room costs around $2-5, private room around $7-10. During the high season, a budget dorm room costs around $4-6, private room around $10-14.

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Among all the countries I've been to, Nepal has the most annual festivals. Though most of the dates are not fixed, here is the estimated time of the festivals celebrated in Nepal annually.
January or February - Losar (Tibetan New Year)
February - Shivaratri
March - Holi (Festivals of Colors)
April - Bisket Jatra (Nepalese New Year)
April to June - Rato Machhindranath Jatra
May - Buddha Jayanti (BNeplauddha's birthday)
August - Janai Purnima (Sacred thread festival)
August - Gai Jatra (festival celebrating cows)
September - Teej (festival devoted to women)
September - Yenya (Indra Jatra & Kumari Jatra) (Kathmandu festival)
October - Dashain (kites all over the sky)
October or November - Tihar (Hindu festival of light)
December and January - Christmas and New Year

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Food in Nepal

Nepali dishes are generally healthy and recipes differ a lot among different restaurants.
Dal Bhat - National dish of Nepali people. Available almost every corner in the country. The staple is made up of rice (bhat), dal soup, vegetable, curry and radish. Most local stalls serve vegetarian dishes while restaurants serve with chicken meat.
Momo - Dumplings of Nepal. These dumplings can be served steamed or fried. Fillings are usually chicken meat, buffalo meat or vegetable wrapped with dough. There's a dip sauce served together with your momos.
Thukpa - Tibetan-influenced dish. Thukpa is made of noodle in thick and flavorful soup. Great choice for winter.
Newari Chataamari - Most popular traditional Newari dish served with flattened rice, Chataamari, roasted meat etc. Newari dishes are not to be missed during your travel in Nepal.

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Things to Do

Kathmandu - Boudhanath, Swoyambunath, Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Pashupatinath.
Pokhara - Visit World Peace Pagoda, bungee jumping, shopping, boating in Lake Phewa and drink at bar.
Lumbini - Visit Maya Devi Temple, Ashokan pillar and temples of different nations.
Chitwan National Park - Wildlife tours and elephant bathing.
Trekking - Annapurna Circuit, Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Poon Hill, etc.

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