Amazon's Best Travel Accessories Under $20

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Traveling should never be a pain in the arse. Being an accessories nerd myself, I always look at the travel gadgets and accessories of my travel friends or on the internet. I felt like it’s a great idea to share what I found to other travelers who are looking for ideas to make traveling easier and more relaxed. And that gave birth to this article – Amazon’s Best Travel Accessories Under $20.

Why set the bar at $20? Personally, I felt that $20 is at the border between budget and pricey. So I surfed the Amazon for the best quality travel accessories for the best price. I hope this list helps!

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Amazon’s Best Travel Accessories Under $20

International Travel Power Adapter

This has to come first and foremost. When choosing a universal power adapter, you want to pick the model which combines both universal power adapter and voltage converter into one body. This is the one for you. It’s a wise traveler’s move to make full use of the spaces in backpacks and luggage. Click here for more details and specs. 

Travel Money Belt

Never let the loss of documents be a part of your travel experiences! Trust me, it sucks. I’ve seen several travelers losing their passports, either they left it with the previous hotel receptionist or they got pickpocketed. Unfortunate things happen, especially when we’re traveling in foreign countries where things are unfamiliar. Secure your documents with this travel money belt and keep them close to you at all time! Click here for more details and specs. T

Travel Universal Cable Organizer

Wires strangling everything in your backpack is one of the most frustrating things that could happen during your travel. It’s wiser to organize every one of them into a Cable Organizer like the one above. Makes life a lot easier. Click here for more details and specs. 

3-Pieces Packing Cube System

With this organizer set, it’s time to change the way you see your backpack. Every pack serves its purpose well to keep all similar items together, be it clothing, accessories or electronic gadgets. The flexibility is definitely uncontended and again, makes life easier. Click here for more details and specs.

Smartphone Waterproof Pouch

Playing water sports, swimming at the beaches, running back to the hostel in heavy rain… Water is something we couldn’t escape from while traveling. Smartphone waterproof pouch proves extremely helpful for me during my travel protecting my smartphone from rough weathers. Click here for more details and specs.

Bringing a camera for your trip? Check out these amazing camera bags for travel!

20L Waterproof Dry Bag

Like the item above, dry bags are super useful for those who love kayaking and trekking in the rainforest. It’s also a perfect pack for a day trip into the wild as well. And if you’re going for a smartphone waterproof pouch, it comes along with the purchase of this 20L Waterproof Dry Bag. Two birds in one shot! Click here for more details and specs.

Microfiber Towel

Nothing beats microfiber towel when it comes to fast absorbing, fast drying and lightweight. Microfiber towel has it all! Carrying a microfiber towel also saves you a lot of space in your backpack instead of bringing a large cotton towel. Time for a change! Click here for more details and specs.

Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pillow

Camping pillow has always been an issue because it’s like packing your pet into your backpack. It’s HUGE. Now with an inflatable camping pillow, you’ll save a lot of spaces without compensating a comfortable good night sleep. If you prefer a U-pillow, scroll down to the next one! Click here for more details and specs.

Inflatable Travel U-Pillow

One of the most well-known travel accessories in recent years. U-pillow has been a great companion when it comes to long haul flight and taking Southeast Asian sleeper buses. I usually recommend using an inflatable U-pillow because a solid one will be too bulky to bring along for traveling. And it gets very dirty when not packed or covered. Click here for more details and specs.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Game changer for hikers and trekkers around the world. LifeStraw proves its effectiveness since its invention. With LifeStraw, 99.99% of waterborne bacteria like E. coli and salmonella are removed along with waterborne parasites. It has an exceptionally long life as well, providing up to 1,000 gallons (4,000 liters) of safe and clean water. Click here for more details and specs.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Finally a perfect water bottle for travelers. With its collapsible and leakproof design, this water bottle delivers the best service for travelers of all kind out there. An excellent choice for hikers and trekkers as well. Click here for more details and specs.

Ultra Lightweight Hiking Daypack

Backpacking without a daypack is always an issue for backpackers. If you have a detachable daypack from your backpack, then it’s great. But if not, this is definitely something you should consider getting. Having a daypack makes your day trip exploring the city or hiking a short trek much easier and comfortable. Click here for more details and specs.

Rain Ponchos

Rain ponchos are always underrated and forgotten by travelers. It’s a big hassle and waste of money to buy a raincoat right before the rainfall especially when you’re traveling in Southeast Asia when rain can happen a lot during the wet season. Get yourself ready to brace the rainfall! Click here for more details and specs.

Swiss Army Knife

There’s a reason why the Swiss Army Knife has been a great tool for travelers for so many years. It’s super versatile, compact and functionalities-packed.  I highly recommend bringing one no matter where you travel to. You never know when you need it, but you’ll definitely need it at some point. Click here for more details and specs.

Travel Vacuum Bags

I was working in New Zealand under New Zealand Working Holiday Visa when I see my friends packing her stuff with these vacuum bags. I was fascinated because I never saw people using them like this before. An ultimate accessory to save spaces when packing your clothes. Click here for more details and specs.

Waterproof Travel Shoe Bags

Admit it, we hate hanging our sports shoes outside of our backpacks and let them swing in all directions. I once hit a passenger’s head with my shoes hanging on my backpack on a crowded bus in Nepal. It wouldn’t happen if I packed my shoes into a shoe bag. At least not as gross. Click here for more details and specs.

Portable Power Bank Charger

Running out of battery on your phone is a nightmare when we really need it. Electric sockets are never on our side. They were never reliable when we need them the most. That’s why you should always prepare for the worst scenario. Get yourself a portable power bank charger and saves those troubles. I recommend getting a better brand at a higher price if you have the budget. Click here for more details and specs


Super useful when the sun sets and you have a tent to set up. Perfect for reading books when there are no lights available. This TIKKINA model has a ridiculous burn time of 220 hours! Click here for more details and specs

Gorilla Duct Tapes

Duct tapes are campers’ best friends because they fixed almost everything. Lost your belt? Make one with duct tapes! Broken backpack? Fix it with duct tape! It’s so versatile it’s mighty. Gorilla duct tapes just bring everything to a whole new level. Click here for more details and specs.

Portable Ultra Bright Handheld LED Flashlight

 Adjustable to illuminate a long range of up to 600 feet or large area illuminations. With this mini-size design, it doesn’t take up a lot of spaces and proves useful to those who camp outdoors a lot. Definitely get one if you’re going camping any time soon. Click here for more details and specs.

TSA Accepted Cable Luggage Lock

We always hope the airport crews will never screw with our luggage in airports. But there are no guarantees. Without TSA accepted lock, they will just break apart your luggage if they suspect it. Protect your luggage and belongings and have a pleasant trip. Get one now. Click here for more details and specs

Survival Fire Starter

Starting a fire could be difficult for newbies. With this, hack your way and start the fire in a matter of seconds. This fire starter sparks up to 15,000 times and comes with compass and whistle as well. Click here for more details and specs.

Travel Passport Wallet

Probably the most common travel accessory suggestion. Having a travel passport wallet, again, get your documents organized and kills the risks of losing important documents. And this is one of the Best Seller in Amazon! Click here for more details and specs.

What do you think of these travel accessories under $20?

There you go, Amazon’s Best Selling travel accessories! I really hope this list helps you, even a little is fine. Before you go, I’m sure you will like my 10 Legit Ways to Save Money While Traveling. Happy traveling and til next time! Check out my Recommended Gears as well!

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Amazon's Best Travel Accessories Under $20

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  1. Great post! Microfiber towels and packing cubes are game changers for travellers. They make travelling so much more convenient. I love being able to organize my clothing in cubes- it makes it easier to find everything I need because I know what cube everything is in. And microfiber towels are amazing because they dry so quickly. They make showering in hostels so much easier because they don’t have to lie out to dry like a traditional towel does.

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