#11 Akaroa - The Eye-Opening Paradise in New Zealand

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A short blabbering before I enter the main topic. It’s been months since I last updated the Through My Eyes Series. Got really busy these days due to activities in my university, along with some academic things. To be honest, I didn’t receive much feedback from my readers regarding this series back then, so I decided to not put it on my priority list. Days go by, and I suddenly stopped updating it.

It wasn’t until a reader from Singapore emailed me that he loved my story and the way I portraited them in this series. And all of a sudden, the motivation came back, and I made up my mind to revive this series after I’m done with my university activities. I thought nobody gives a damn about this series other than myself!

Guess when was my latest Through My Eyes Series post before this? It was on the 8th of December 2018 (#10). 

Enough with the blabbering and let’s dive into the main topic, shall we?

Beyond that would be the South Pole 2

Getting From Christchurch to Akaroa New Zealand

Getting from Christchurch to Akaroa is convenient enough for all visitors. Shuttle runs between them for, if I wasn’t mistaken, 2 times a day. And it was pretty affordable depending on how you look at it.

Converting every NZD back to MYR, everything is expensive but anyway, I got myself a return ticket from the Akaroa Shuttle. I think it was 50 NZD, the price is probably different now.

The shuttle arrived on time and it took a little more than an hour to get us to the town center of Akaroa. I didn’t have to step out of the shuttle van to feel the French influence on this town. Akaroa was a French settlement back in the 1800s.

Tourism had been catching the pace there, but still, it was far away from over-tourism. I spend around an hour exploring around the town but not for long. Because I was stupid and bought too many cooking ingredients with me. Too heavy to carry them all around so I decided to wait for the shuttle from my hostel, which is located out of the town.

And why the hell did I bought so many cooking ingredients? I can’t understand what I was thinking back then. Was I stupid or what?

It took around 20 minutes to get to my hostel after the shuttle van from the hostel picked me up. A bumpy ride through the dirt road.

Akaroa – The Most Beautiful Place I’ve Ever Been Back Then

Yep, Akaroa is literally the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to in my life back then. You just couldn’t find a place like that in Southeast Asia. And instead of using words to describe the beauty of the peninsula, I guess photos will do a better job.

The Beauty of Akaroa Peninsula

Look at the turquoise blue water in the sea, and the landscape of the peninsula. It’s a place where I could spend a month, just hiking around in the morning and read my book for the rest of the day under the shades.

The Beauty of Akaroa

Throughout the entire peninsula, you’ll find sheep literally everywhere. And if you’re going for a hike or walk around, chances are you’ll step onto their poop.

They’re like landmines, except the fact that they’re easily differentiated from the dirt road. But eventually, you’ll give up dodging them, because all you wanted to do is enjoy the scenery without spending all the time looking on the ground.

Especially if you have a proper hiking boot, you’ll feel invincible, no fear towards the stinky black landmines. Or should I say sticky?

People Living in This Hostel Are Super Friendly

I didn’t have much money back then to really enjoy the dishes served in the town center’s restaurants. I guess that also explains why I had so many cooking ingredients with me. Basically a broke and jobless boy.

Editor’s Note: Check out these amazing things to do in New Zealand South Island. Not inspired yet? Then these 69 photos will help you!

Onuku Farm Hostel in Akaroa

I stayed in Onuku Farm Hostel for 3 nights during my stay in Akaroa. It was a lovely hostel, and as the name suggests, it’s a farm.

There was a goose which is extremely dangerous because it pinches whoever it saw. I always avoided it because I don’t think it’s fun getting pinched by a huge white bird with a half-feet beak. Could imagine the pain.

The Goose and Duck in Onuku Farm Hostel Akaroa
Both of them have a name but I forgot them

The best thing in this hostel other than getting to know some cool friends from different countries was that they provide a hiking trail map around the hostel. All of the trails are not properly paved so you got to enjoy the authenticity of the adventures other travelers couldn’t. The sad thing is that I forgot to take a photo of the map to show it here.

There was one trail which takes you to the cliff of the peninsula, where one mistaken step could make you fall a hundred feet into the sea below.

Hiking to the Cliff of Peninsula in Akaroa

My DSLR camera was always on my hand during my hike because wherever you go in Akaroa, it’s worth a snap of a photo. Especially when there’s a sheep involved. Just take a look at this photo.

Sheep Overlooking the Scenery in Akaroa Peninsula

It seems that the earthquake in 2010 affected this area as well. Didn’t notice that until we came across this signboard. It’s amazing that due to the lack of rainfall in New Zealand, wooden signboards actually last for years. In Malaysia, wooden signboards might last for… maybe not even 5 years, before it starts decomposing.

Hiking in Akaroa Danger Sign Earthquake

It definitely creeps me out when I saw the trees below when I trekked to the cliff of the peninsula on my last day in Akaroa. They look exactly like the trees I saw in Jurassic Park. Imagination starts to take place, and I pictured some raptors jumping out from the bush. And some Pterodactyls flying in the sky.

Jurassic Period Trees in Akaroa

Wrapping It Up

So where did I go after staying for 4 days in Akaroa? Of course, to start my apple picking job in Temuka, New Zealand. Took me so long to land a job, damn the season shift. But still, I think I made the right call to depart 10 days prior to starting the job and take my time to travel down south. Kaikoura and Akaroa were definitely some destinations I’ll never forget in my life.

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