#8 Let The Travel Begins - Motueka to Kaikoura

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Even though I was quite lonely back in Laughing Kiwi Backpackers Hostel, I had two friends from China and Malaysia there. I didn’t hang out with them a lot as they were working in an apple factory which stopped hiring during the day. They introduced me to a job agent, Terry, who happened to be a Malaysian who stayed there for several years. I contacted him and eventually, I landed an apple picking job in Temuka, few hours south of Motueka.

So I figured that it’s time to leave this lovely town and venture further south. I had 10 days before the job began so I made sure to make them count. Planned my itinerary for two days, I finally packed everything and left Motueka to Kaikoura.

Motueka to Kaikoura

The bus from Motueka to Kaikoura took half of my day, with an hour stop in Blenheim. Took the one-hour gap opportunity to chill by the lake in Blenheim, watching the ducks.

first stop kaikoura

I thought I was gonna settle down in Motueka so I bought some groceries with me, like soy sauce, peanut butter, etc. That turned out to be the biggest mistake I did. I had to bring everything down with me because I couldn’t bear throwing them away just like that.

I looked like a total idiot carrying two backpacks and a bag full of groceries. Bet the ducks laughed at me.

The highway along the coastline was amazing. I’ve never come across any scenery like that. Black sand beaches, the cliffs beside the highway seem like they will collapse anytime. Everything just seems so clean. Seagulls flying around.

First thing I did after arriving in Kaikoura is to check into my hostel. Couldn’t bear to carry so many things with me anymore. It’s located like 20 minutes away from the bus station, literally killing me.

But the great things is, I love the hostel. It might not be fancy, but the interior just amazes me, even though it’s a shared dorm room with 7 other people. It’s the largest backpacker hostel in Kaikoura.

Left my stuff there and I almost immediately left the hostel.

kaikoura beach

Exploring Kaikoura

The day I arrived in Kaikoura, my Pre-University result (STPM) was officially announced. The results did not meet my expectation so I was a little down, to be honest. But just a little, really.

I came to the point that I didn’t care that much anymore the moment I started traveling. Might be a bad thing but who knows. Life is too short for worrying about school results, maybe.

I was talking on the phone with my friend in Malaysia while sitting by the beach. Black sand beach, to be exact.

motueka to kaikoura

black sand beach kaikoura

Seagulls were everywhere. Fish bones were everywhere. The sea breeze was cold af but I figured that sitting still without moving is a great way to counter the cold wind.

That continued for an hour or so. There weren’t many travelers around so I basically had a part of the beach to myself. Some fishermen were there too. I think maybe they fed the fishes to the seagulls?

kaikoura from motueka

Wrapping It Up

Well, that’s basically my first day in Kaikoura. I stayed in Kaikoura for 4 days exploring around. Not surprisingly, it has a lot to offer for travelers who love nature. Wanna know what’s there? Stay tuned for the next episode!

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Let The Travel Begins - Motueka to Kaikoura

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