#7 The Mysterious Wandering Korean Uncle

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Even though I spent a lot of time in Motueka looking for a job, it doesn’t mean I was devastatingly lifeless. I still spent some time exploring around this lovely town. There was a Korean uncle living in the same hostel as me but we never talked much, because he usually spent most of his day outside of the hostel. I forgot what brought us together, but one day, we went exploring the beaches and hidden gems together.

sealord factory motueka new zealand

Who is this ‘Mysterious Wandering Korean Uncle’?

I couldn’t even remember his name but he was a former military Major if I was not mistaken. To be honest, I don’t have a lot of ideas about the military ranks. But he served the country during World War II is all I could remember.

There was a huge language barrier between us because he couldn’t speak in English very well. I was bad back then too.

One day, he said he wanted to bring me to a beach hidden in the residential area. I was convinced effortlessly and was down to the plan. We departed after our breakfast in the hostel.

We talked quite a lot on the way. Most of the time, it’s him who was speaking and I was listening because his stories are, honestly, quite interesting.

He has two children, who were academically excellent (I remember one of them studying Ph.D., but the memories are kinda blurred now). And guess what, he doesn’t have a cell phone.

I asked, “How do you talk to your family then?”

He said he hasn’t talked to them in a long time. I didn’t ask further because really, it’s none of my business even though my curiosity peaked at that time. And he had been in New Zealand for many months.

Now that’s what we call a wanderer. Definitely not an average old man.

port motueka new zealand

Where we went?

We walked for almost 2 hours, penetrating the residential maze and finally got to the beach. It was quiet and deserted as expected, with some picnic tables and a swing rope tied to a tree branch.

It was a perfect place for chilling. But we didn’t bring any food for a picnic. But still, we enjoyed our time there a lot. Didn’t talk much but enjoying cool sea breeze under a tree shade is some kind of luxury treats.

After a few days, I went back alone and this time, I brought some food with me. Slow-paced traveling is definitely my thing.

rope swing in motueka new zealand

motueka river new zealand

Wrapping It Up

So here’s my story with the ‘mysterious wandering Korean uncle’. I somehow remembered him because he’s one of my very first friends in New Zealand. I wonder how he’s doing right now and where is he enjoying life…

Anyway, thanks for reading and hope to see you again next week. This episode is kinda shorter than usual, and maybe slightly more boring (for some), so… sorry if I made you felt so!

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Til next time. Have a great weekend!

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#7 The Mysterious Wandering Korean Uncle

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