6 Symptoms You Should Go Skydiving

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Who hadn’t dreamed of flying like a bird, watching over the earth thousand feats above the ground? Skydiving has been in many people’s life-goal list for decades since it’s introduced to mankind.

Everyone had been wanting to experience to live like a bird, watching over the earth thousand feats above the ground. Since skydiving is so commercialized now, it’s not something far-fetched anymore.

You can fulfill your long desired dream to fly like an eagle for the first time in your life. By paying some dollars. I’m going to be straight, skydiving is not something friendly to your pocket in any way. Unless you are a professional skydiver, be prepared to spend hundreds for this experience.

However, if you are not persuaded for signing up for a skydive experience, continue scrolling downward. Give me a chance to try persuading you. If you have all these signs, you know what you have to do.

should i go skydiving

You are afraid of height

Why the hell I should skydive if I’m afraid of height? That’s the point. Skydiving is an extreme sport. And extreme sport is made to pump your adrenaline up and hijack your sense of nervousness and excitement.

Though in commercial skydiving, you will be strapped to a professional skydiver so you are in total control of the pro. It’s not even your choice to step out of the airplane at tens of thousands feats above the ground.

If you are worried about not having the courage to put yourself at the edge of the airplane door, don’t worry. Your personal professional skydiver will be more than happy to give you a hand.

Have faith, and pray that the parachute works… What!?

I’m just kidding.

That’s not something you need to worry about. Over the past decade, the US Parachute Association reported less than 0.003 fatalities per 1,000 tandem jumps. Generally, skydiving is more than safe and is one of the lowest death rate sport in sport’s history.

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You Want to See From Birds’ Eyes

Admit it, even though when we look out from the airplane, we never had that high-and-above feeling. We never felt like a bird. We merely felt like… yea, no big deal, we’re flying on an airplane.

We always dreamed of flying in full control of our body, like a vulture, roaming in the blue sky and look at every detail on the earth. The only difference is they are looking for food and we are enjoying the beauty of motherland.

Accept the fact that human can never be winged animals, but tandem skydiving will undoubtedly give you the closest feeling to being a bird.

Even though we merely plunge down from the airplane, and barely control any of our movement in the air, we got to experience what the bird sees for a few minutes.

You Are An Adrenaline Rush Lover

Right after signing yourself up for skydiving, your body starts pumping more adrenaline. Why? Because you know what you’re going to do next is mind-changing and might cost your life.

Human is born to cherish and protect our own life, but skydiving challenges human nature. Of course, your body will reject it because almost everyone has acrophobia!

But the truth is the opposite, we all love that feeling. The feeling of adrenaline rush. The feeling when you slightly lose control of your body control, talking faster, moving faster, tapping your feet like penguins, occasionally dancing(?), and knocking your head against the airplane door.

Yes, I knocked my head when I was boarding the airplane I jumped from. My coach was following behind, I hope he did not see that embarrassing moment though, but that’s fine.

I’m quite sure I’m not the first one to do that stupid thing.

You Are Looking For A Place to Test Your Voice Magnitude

You’re most welcome to do so in thousands of feats above the ground. Most people couldn’t spit a word out the moment they bumped out from the airplane. The whole body goes numb to accept the fact that you are free falling. (Somehow reminding me of Tom Petty’s classic).

After just a few seconds, your coach tied to your back will embrace himself or herself to suffer the torture of their eardrums.

I couldn’t remember how loud did I shouted back then, but I reckon that my voice became flattered when I talked to my coach on the ground.

I bet he suffered quite a bit. Sorry.

If you are in this category, make sure you go for the highest altitude package, for the longest period of free fall. As soon as the parachute pops out, you start to calm down, knowing that you are safe and will be landing soon without any injuries.

During the parachute period, you are not likely to shout that much anymore but just relax and enjoy floating in the air until your butt kissed the earth.

Roaming in unobstructed 3-dimensional space is amazing!

You Want to Have A Tale to Tell

Well, it’s a harsh fact but if you want to share your travel experience with someone, you should have some highlights of your trip to tell.

Travel is amazing enough, but what’s more impressive than amazing? Extreme sport. Skydiving is a great start for your storytelling whether to your family or friends.

It’s something that I still tell my friends with full of joy and excitement.

People love to share all their stories and their travel life through social media. Of course, I’m not saying that you should go for a skydive just to show off in social media.

It’s not necessarily “showing off” in the first place. It’s sharing, sharing, sharing.

I never meant to show off what I did or went through during my travel, but I love to share with the ones I cared, about what made me excited.

And I hope that by telling them these tales, they might change their mindset and consider doing something they never imagine themselves doing.

Inspiring others is the most satisfying thing out there, right? At least for me.

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You Want to Make Something Out of Your Travel

I bet you came across this quote “Spend money on experiences, not materials”, or something similar. The point is, the experience is something that differs you from the others. It gives you an identity.

I wouldn’t think your choice of buying souvenirs back home for family and close friends is not wise, because I did that too, occasionally.

But instead of buying expensive brand materials, spend it on something memorable to you. Something that makes you rewind your memories, hoping that time could turn back to those wonderful moments when you were traveling like no one else.

When you were yourself.

Materials went outdated in a while, but memories stay forever. No one can snatch it from you, nor erase your memories. Invest in experience, invest in memories, invest in yourself and your own inner values.

That’s the whole point of the thing called life.

should i go skydive

Wrapping It Up

So have you ever go for skydiving? If not, I hope my article gives you some insights about this extreme sport. Skydiving is one of the best things to do in New Zealand! And if you did, how did it go? I bet it went well. (Otherwise, you won’t be commenting right?)

It will be great if you would share your experience with me in the comment section below! Looking forward to your unique story!

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should i go skydiving

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