#6 Cycling to Kaiteriteri Beach From Motueka

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In the last episode, I talked about how I messed up my job-hunting in Motueka. Things never got better after a few days but the great thing is I still enjoy myself a lot. But without a car, destinations I could visit were limited. I almost finished exploring the small town, then I was thinking to rent a bike and cycle to somewhere far away from town. I was so energetic. After a few recommendations from my friends in the hostel, I decided to rent a bike and cycle all the way to Kaiteriteri Beach from Motueka.

Kaiteriteri Beach is located around 15km away from Motueka town. There were no free bikes in my hostel, nor any of my friends have one. So I had to rent one.

cycling to kaiteriteri beach

Cycling to Kaiteriteri Beach from Motueka

Renting a bicycle in Motueka is expensive, to my surprise. I paid visits to several bike shops and the cheapest I could find is NZ$30 for the whole day. It might not sound like a lot, but the bike is a crap. Crap.

The distance, 15km sounded short to me at first but it took me 90 minutes to get there. As I said, the bike is a crap but I’m not trying to blame because I really stopped a lot of photographs. Took some photos of some random cows, random hills, and random beaches.

What’s so special about the hills? Well, back in my hometown, it’s almost impossible to find hills with no trees but only grass on it. Unless they were deforested.

It’s good to see the sheep enjoying grazing the grass under the warm sun.

For a moment I wish I were a sheep.

kaiteriteri beach from motueka

I plan to prepare some meals beforehand so that I could have my lunch at the beach. And I did. After the tiring journey, I parked my bike beside the bench and I was chilling on the bench, staring at the seagulls while I ate my sandwiches.

The seagulls looked so hungry but I kept everything to myself.

Sorry gulls…

Now I know why people love sunbathing so much. I never understand that before leaving my home because the sun in Malaysia is scorchingly hot. I didn’t feel hot because the sea breeze was cool and they kinda balanced the temperature out.

Guess how long I sat there for.

Nearly two hours. Just staring at the sea, my friends (seagulls) and the sky. Occasionally shut my eyes, wishing that I had a mattress.

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kaiteriteri beach motueka

kaiteriteri beach summer

motueka to kaiteriteri beach

Cycling to Motueka From Kaiteriteri Beach

The way home was chill, and I barely stopped for photos. But one thing worth mentioning is that I almost got crushed by a car. Because of a freaking dog.

So on the way home, there was a house by the highway. The gate was left wide open and the dog was enjoying freedom. I couldn’t recall very well what kind of dog is it, maybe a bulldog. It’s a very aggressive one.

Then the dog saw a stranger passed by on a bike, who’s enjoying his freedom too. He was jealous and ran all the way to him with full force. Opened his mouth, and put my feet in there.

I was like, “What the f**k!?”

Luckily he got the edge of my jeans. Right after the moment I kicked it off, a car drove by my side. I was thinking that if I lost my balance when I tried to scare off the dog, I might just die. Literally. The car was really fast.

But still, luckily I got back to the hostel with full HP and returned my bike in perfect condition… Even though the bike wasn’t perfect in the first place. Not even close.

That day, I realized that I really need to work on and sharpen my photography skills. The photos from that day were literally… unpresentable.

“Yea, blame it on the camera…”

motueka to kaiteriteri beach by bicycle


Well, that’s all for this episode. This bike trip was by far the most adventurous thing I’ve done in New Zealand. If you’re in New Zealand and not sure where to visit, check out my 27 Remarkable Things to do in New Zealand South Island and 25 Awesome Places to Visit in New Zealand South Island.

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Happy traveling! Til next time.

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#6 Cycling to Kaiteriteri Beach From Motueka

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