2 Days Melaka Itinerary - Enjoy Your Trip Like No One Else!

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If you’re planning a short trip to Melaka, Malaysia, then you’re in the right place! Whether you’re taking a weekend break from Kuala Lumpur or anything else, this 2 days Melaka itinerary will definitely give you some insights about the ways for making the most out of your Melaka trip.

First and foremost, I’d like to recommend you visiting Melaka on weekends only, as Jonker Street night market is only open on weekend nights. But it’s up to you because on weekends, the city will be crowded by local and foreign visitors.

Without further due, let’s dive in and see what you can do in Melaka in 2 days!

Street Full of Street Arts Beside Jonker Street

Day 1 – Arrival in Melaka

Morning – Check In To Your Hostel

It doesn’t matter where you stay, but if you wish to follow this Melaka itinerary, I will recommend you to stay in the UNESCO World Heritage Site area. Staying in the hostels or hotels near Kota A’Famosa or by Melaka River would be great.

I have a backpacker hostel for you if you haven’t made your booking just yet. It’s not the best accommodation but the cheap price, comfy beds, and interesting interiors made it my top choice. Best for those who’re tight on budget as well. It’s Sayang Sayang Riverside Hostel. Check it out if you’re interested!

Chicken Rice Ball Breakfast

If you arrived in the morning, popping the traditional chicken rice balls for breakfast would be a great start. This traditional meal has been around Melaka for centuries now.

In the old times, Chinese laborers did not have food containers for their lunch. So instead, they squeezed the chicken rice into spherical shapes, and bring them for lunch.

There are numerous restaurants serving this dish, especially in Jonker Street. But avoid the one with franchise restaurants all around Jonker Street. You’ll know which one I’m talking about when you got there. It’s expensive and tastes bad, for me.

I haven’t really found a great chicken rice ball restaurant, so if you know one, share it in the comment section below, and I’ll share it in this Melaka itinerary!

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Melaka Chicken Rice Ball and Half Chicken
Photo by Elizabeth Lisa John

Take A Walk in Kota A’Famosa

The first thing to do in your Melaka itinerary is, of course, explore the historic landmark of the city. Kota A’Famosa has been around for more than 5 centuries now. It was built under the order of Portuguese Admiral, Sir Alfonso d’ Albuquerque in 1511.

Most parts of the fortress were destroyed by the Dutch army during their invasion. Now, what’s left is the main fortress gate and some foundations across the area. All of them are well protected and maintained by the authorities now.

There is no entrance fee for visiting Kota A’Famosa!

While you’re there, I would recommend paying a visit to Malacca Sultanate Palace too! It only costs you a few ringgits, and you get to learn the histories and myths of Melaka. Most of the stories there are very interesting!

Historic Landmark Kota A'Famosa in Melaka

Afternoon – Hike to St. Paul’s Church

The staircase leading to St. Paul’s Church is right behind Kota A’Famosa. It only takes you around 5 minutes of an upward hike on the stairs to reach the church.

St. Paul’s Church is the oldest European-built church in Southeast Asia, built in 1521. It’s also known as the place where the body of Francis Xavier, a pioneering Catholic missionary was laid to rest for 8 months after his death back in 1553.

St Paul's Church After Hiking for 10 Minutes

Photos in Christ Church Melaka

Another famous landmark of Melaka city would be the red buildings of Christ Church in Windmill Dutch Square Melaka. Unlike the previous attractions, Christ Church was built by the Dutch in 1753. It took them 12 years to complete the construction.

The impressive thing about this church is that the 8 feet ceiling beams were all cut in one-piece and built without joints.

Vendors have swarmed the area these past years, therefore you’ll find ridiculously huge crowds there especially on weekends.

Melaka Christ Church Red Buildings in Windmill Dutch Square Melaka

Sip on Gula Melaka Latte

Gula Melaka is one of the most famous ingredients in Melaka due to its unique aroma and flavor. And fusing it with the western Latte just makes it a perfect combo.

There are various restaurants serving this beverage, those I’ve tried are good, so I guess you wouldn’t go wrong for choosing any one of them. But if you want a solid recommendation, The Stolen Cup Cafe is a good choice.

Gula Melaka Latte in Jonker Street The Stolen Cup Cafe

Visiting the Underrated Kampung Morten

A walk to Kampung Morten takes around 30 minutes, or longer if you take photos of the river along the way. There is nothing much to see on the way there, so if you prefer a comfy ride, take a GrabCar there, it costs around MYR6-8 per trip.

Here’s the interesting fact about Kampung Morten. Located outside of the heritage designation area, this traditional Malay village did not receive fundings from the government to preserve the village.

So the Head of Village (Ketua Kampung) decided to turn his own house, now known as Villa Sentosa, into a tourist attraction by decorating the house with various artifacts and collectibles to showcase the Malays’ tradition and cultures.

There is no entrance fee, but feel free to donate to the donation box by the entrance. There will be a guide, usually, the family members of the Ketua Kampung, to tell you everything about the house.

Check out this post on my visit to Kampung Morten, and what to expect there!

Evening – Take the Melaka River Cruise

Melaka River Cruise is one of the most popular things to do in Melaka. On the weekends, expect a good length of the queue during the sunset hours, which are also the most popular hours for the tour.

The cruise trip takes around 45 minutes back and forth. You can grab your ticket at the entrance of Jonker Street, where there is a booth for ticket sales.

The best thing about the tour is that it’s also the gap of development, or whatever it’s called officially. You’ll see a more underdeveloped side on one side and modern buildings on another side. You will also pass by Kampung Morten on the cruise!

The price is RM6.50 for children, RM13 for local adults, and RM18 for foreign adults. But there will be an additional RM5 for the tickets on weekends for adults. Sort of ridiculous, I know.

Melaka River Cruise Tour

Enjoy Melaka Cendol

If you’ve tasted Gula Melaka Latte, you know you’ll not be satisfied just yet. If that’s the case, then Melaka Cendol should definitely be in your bucket list!

While there are many restaurants with this dish on their menu, I recommend dining in The Wild Coriander Restaurant. It’s the best restaurant by the Melaka River, in my opinion. They also serve excellent Nyonya dishes, which I think you should definitely try out!

Do yourself a favor and have your dinner there, you’ll not regret it!

Melaka Cendol with Gula Melaka on Ice in The Wild Coriander Restaurant

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Night – Shop At Jonker Walk Night Market

Now you’ve filled your tummy, it’s time for the famous Jonker Walk Night Market!

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, the street will be closed for vehicles, and vendor stalls will emerge, transforming the street into a lively night market.

You’ll find various street foods, especially coconut drinks (they’re great!), as well as souvenirs, handicraft, and more. Street performances are quite common here too.

As the street isn’t very wide, you will probably be squeezing with other tourists while walking through the night market. Beware of pickpockets!

If you’re looking for a bar to chill out, there are plenty of them by the Melaka River, starting from the entrance of Jonker Street, at the intersection.

Melaka Jonker Street Night Market Crowd
Photo by SurLaRoute.fr

Day 2 in Melaka

Morning – Breakfast in The Daily Fix Cafe

If you’re not that tight on your budget, The Daily Fix Cafe has one of the best breakfast menus in the area! It gets full house sometimes on the weekends, so be sure to arrive earlier before the crowds. They open at 8.30am, serving mostly western cuisines.

Again, their Gula Melaka Latte is awesome too! But their vegan spaghetti has cheese on them, I don’t think it should be there, right? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Big Breakfast in The Daily Fix Cafe

Learn the History in Cheng Ho Cultural Museum

Here’s an interesting fact, the Portuguese aren’t the first to set foot on the kingdom of Melaka. In 1405, Cheng Ho, an admiral of the Ming Dynasty in China brought a fleet of thousands of business ships to Melaka.

Over the next few years, Cheng Ho had revisited Melaka several times, bringing various farming skills, supplies, and knowledge. That forms one of the earliest diplomatic relations in Southeast Asia.

It’s even rumored that Cheng Ho is the one who introduced Islamism to the people in Melaka, as he is a Muslim himself.

Inside the museum, you’ll find a lot of display models, infographics, info boards, and lots of interesting reads regarding the history of Melaka. Not just about Cheng Ho.

The entrance fee is RM20 for adults and RM10 for children. And they open from 9 am to 6 pm every day.

Entrance of Cheng Ho Cultural Museum

Take the Tour in Nyonya Baba Heritage Museum

I have to be honest here, Nyonya Baba Heritage Museum is not for everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m into histories, but cultural stuff is not my thing, especially when they’re displayed without interactions.

If you’re the kind of person who appreciates all these traditions and cultures, then this museum might be interesting for you. It was once the house of a rich Nyonya Baba family. However, the house had been refurbished and decorated and opened to the public for cultural visits.

The entrance fee is RM15 per person, take as long as you want to explore this huge mansion!

Entrance of Nyonya Baba Heritage Museum

Editor’s Note: Check out this guide if you’re planning a backpacking trip to Laos!

Take A Ride in Taming Sari Tower

Well if you’re not into the previous two activities, then consider having a ride in the Taming Sari Tower! It’s a 110m-tall revolving gyro tower, located near the Maritime Museum. It’ll take you a few minutes to get there from Kota A’Famosa.

The ride lasts for 7 minutes and offers you a panoramic view of the Melaka city and the Strait of Malacca.

For MyKad holders, it will be RM17 for adults and RM11 for children below 12 years old. For foreigners, it will be RM23 and RM15 respectively.

Taming Sari Tower Melaka Gyro Tower Ride

Afternoon – Try The Nyonya Baba Asam Laksa

Fancy spicy and heavy food? Then the Asam Laksa should not be crossed out in your Melaka itinerary checklist!

Asam Laksa is a traditional dish by the Nyonya Baba, also known as Peranakan Chinese, the descendants of Chinese immigrants who moved into the Malay archipelago between the 15th and 17th centuries.

Head over to Jonker Street, where there are several restaurants serving this dish. The most famous one would probably be Baba Freds Nyonya Restaurant. Try it out and let me know what you think about the dish below!

Nyonya Baba Asam Laksa in Melaka Jonker Street

Shopping in Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

For those who want to escape the heat, the shopping mall is definitely the place to be. I wouldn’t recommend visiting if you’re not into shopping, but I think I should at least introduce this mall.

And if you’re thinking of buying some souvenirs or local signature foods, Jonker Street has almost everything you have in mind.

Take Photos of the Street Arts

What’s the best way to spend the rest of your day without any hustle? Take a walk around the UNESCO World Heritage area and enjoy the street arts around. Most of them are located near Jonker Street, where all the tourism activities are concentrated.

The most noticeable one would be the Nyonya Ladies mural painting on the wall by the Melaka River.

Nyonya Ladies Mural Painting on Building Street Art

Visit Cheng Hoon Teng Temple Before Leaving

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is one of the earliest Chinese temples in the city, founded in the 1600s by Chinese Kapitan Tay Kie Ki.

Kapitans were the appointed chiefs of certain ethnic communities during the Portuguese and Dutch eras.

Back in the old days, this temple also played a role as the official admin center and the court of justice for the Kapitans.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple in Melaka

Wrapping it Up

So that’s it for this 2 days Melaka itinerary! What do you think, and does it fit well into your travel style? Let me know what you know about this travel guide in the comment section below! Nevertheless, enjoy your trip to Malaysia! If you’re planning a visit to Penang, check out these things to do in Penang in 3 days!

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